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9718 East Harry Street
Wichita,Ka 67220
Phone: (316) 684-8931

Felipe's Restaurant

1967 by Felipe and Lucy Lujano. Over 42 years 
later the original location at 3434 W. Central is 
widow, and their two sons, Felipe Jr. and Poncho.

Four years after opening their first restaurant, 
Felipe and Lucy decided to expand to a second 
location. This time they went to the east side of 
Wichita. Felipe's Jr. was opened in 1971 at 7820 E. 
Harry. After Several years of traveling across 
town daily, Felipe decided to slow the pace 
down a little and in 1978, Felipe's Jr. was sold to 
his niece and nephew-in-law, Martin and Chela 

Martin and Chela did well over the years and 
decided to buy real estate and build their own 
restaurant.  Felipe's Jr. moved to Harry & Webb 
in 1999 and is run to this day by the Martinez 

The third Felipe's Restaurant was opened in 
November of 1991 by Felipe's brother Roberto 
and his wife Teresa. They decided to continue 
the tradition and open their own location with 
Felipe's blessing.  Roberto and his family still 
run and operate the 21st & Woodlawn location.  

The newest location is at 119th W. & Maple. 
Felipe's sons, Felipe Jr. and Poncho wanted to 
continue expanding the legacy their father and 
mother began over 40 years ago.  After months of 
looking and with Lucy's blessing, the newest 
Felipe's restaurant was opened in January of 2009 
by the original founders' sons.  

Felipe's newest location boasts modern Mexican 
decor mixed with the traditional.  The newest 
Lujano family endeavor sits by a relaxing and 
beautiful water feature with West Wichita's 
largest outdoor patios for al fresco dining.  The 
119th W. & Maple location also has a private 
party room as well as an outdoor covered patio.

Felipe's Restaurants have been serving fine 
Mexican cuisine for over 40 years. Traditional 
Mexican recipes and a comfortable family 
atmosphere have kept loyal customers coming 
back for years.  

Felipe's restaurants have been a Wichita family 
tradition for decades.  Whether you're visiting us 
again or for the very first time, family traditions 
are what Felipe's is about.

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