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Posted: 3:56pm 5/23/2013



We’ve made it through May, the first month of summer movies and things have gone pretty well.  Robert Downey blew away his enemies and the box office in IRON MAN 3. Leonardo diCaprio was an acquired taste that satisfied many movie goers in THE GREAT GATSBY.  STAR TREK ventured INTO DARKNESS and it was a fun journey back into the realm of Khan. FAST & FURIOUS had a sixth go round (really?!) and HANGOVER had a third (aren’t you expecting HANGOVER 4 to be a Celebrity Rehab edition?)


So what’s June got going?  There are three big action pics.  AFTER EARTH features Will Smith and his son Jaden apparently exploring whatever part of a post-apocalyptic Earth Tom Cruise didn’t address in OBLIVION. Don’t let the preview fool you.  From what I hear, this is Jaden’s movie, not Will’s.  Brad Pitt will be saving us all from post-apocalyptic death by zombies in WORLD WAR Z (the special effects look spectacularly creepy.) The big one of the three should be MAN OF STEEL which is Superman re-envisioned by Zack Snyder of 300 fame and Christopher Nolan of the Batman trilogy. It looks fascinating and very dark.  Surely at least a couple of those will be YOU WILL SEEs.


For some heat wave laughs, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson reteam as they  move into middle aged roles (yikes) as trainees for Google  in THE INTERNSHIP (talk about product placement!) James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen and Emma Watson (even these comedy buddies need a girl to tag along) face the end of everything in THIS IS THE END.  Sandra Bullock returns to comedy teaming up with the insane Melissa McCarthy in a female cop buddy movie THE HEAT.  Adults will probably enjoy the Pixar animated insanity of MONSTER UNIVERSITY as much as kids.  Hopefully most of those are at least COULD SEEs. 


Pretty busy promising month.  We’ll see.

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