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Posted: 4:04pm 5/23/2013


Nobody in the packed theatre expected to be watching this year’s first summer movie wearing winter jackets.  I didn’t expect the threequel in this MARVEL comics franchise to be so entirely jokey and tongue in cheek.  IRON MAN 3 plays to its star Robert Downey Jr.’s greatest strength: sustaining a non-stop flow of smartass commentary about everyone and everything he encounters.  What appears to start out as a dark encounter with the brutality of modern terrorism gets turned on its head into a farcical melodramatic goof on superhero egos and vulnerabilities.  The plot is just a pretense for over two hours of impressive CGI stunts and funny  sight gags.  It is fun, not nearly as much fun as last year’s AVENGERS, but provides plenty of fun and laughs to keep us going until we get what looks to be a pretty dour MAN OF STEEL (ala THE DARK KNIGHT) next month.  I had a perfectly good time and you will too.  If you’re a regular moviegoer like the audience when I saw it, ranging in age from 8 to 80, this movie calls for a new critic proof classification:  YOU PROBABLY WILL SEE it.

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