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Posted: 4:47pm 6/01/2015
How fun is a local farmers market?? There are so many goodies to purchase, from fresh strawberries to delicious homemade jellies and breads! 

The good thing about a farmers market is not only that you get a chance to buy up some of the freshest fruits and vegetables, but you also get a chance to support local farmers... and that's what it's all about right? Staying Local!

Good thing is, the 2015 Riverfest is hosting a farmers market THIS Monday from 11am-2pm in the Kennedy Plaza. This is the perfect time to snag up some yummy foods and treats. While you're there, check out all the awesome events at the Riverfest! You can find the schedule for each day of festival right here on Just click on the events heading and pick a day listed in bold on the calendar. 

Stay tuned for more local farmers markets when the festival is over!

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