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Blog Posts from February 2013

Local Chef goes National on Spike's Bar Rescue in March

Posted: 5:41pm 2/26/2013
Local Chef goes National on Spike's Bar Rescue in March
I am never surprised when someone tells me, “DO YOU KNOW WE HAVE ONE OF THE TOP CHEFS IN AMERICA RIGHT HERE IN WCHITA!” 
There is only three words to repond with, 

There is no stopping Jason, he is a passionate, energetic, 
shining star right here in Wichita. If you haven’t been to “TASTE AND SEE ll Fusion Cuisine” yet, you are truly missing out! A one of a kind interactive restaurant, cooking class and private event venue described by renowned food critics as one of the elite 
eateries in town. 

Professionally trained in some of the most prestigious 
culinary schools in his home town, spicy Chef Febres has 
captivated Wichita's finest palates with his sexy culinary 
creations, competition performances and charismatic personality. 

With a well rounded and multifaceted resume, cooking shows and videos all over the web, his efforts are now focused on the national T.V market and Food Network.

Look for Chef Jason this month on SPIKE T.V. “Bar Rescue” Season-3. He was featured as the Chef expert and Co-star in Episode 7. 

A few words from Jason: - I love life!!! my friends, my family, animals, soccer, traveling, deep talks, Nutella, movies, dancing, music, photography and painting....Love is all you need! -
Lunch - Monday - Friday 11am to 2pm
Dinner -Thursday - Saturday 5pm to 10pm
3825 E Harry Wichita, Kansas 67218 | 316.771.7393


Posted: 5:39pm 2/26/2013
Do you want to see a good movie?  In future issues, we will look at what will be the best use of your film-going time and money in the coming months, But this is usually kind of a slow period for great new movies so let’s take a look back at the ones Hollywood thought were the best movies of 2012: the nine  Best Film nominees. It is an impressive list with something to appeal to almost everyone.
Five of them are major hit films with 100+ million at the box office. Three of them brought history to life with great entertainment values.  LINCOLN, my personal favorite, takes a gripping, moving look at the end of the Civil War. Daniel Day Lewis is unforgettable as the beloved President who is funny and inspiring as a flesh and blood human being.  ARGO, the big winner and just out on blu-ray, is the most straight-on entertaining of the bunch. If you didn’t see it in the theatre, download it. You’ll be swept up in the suspense of getting those hostages out of Iran more than you can imagine.  ZERO DARK THIRTY is the stark controversial story of the hunt for Ben Laden with a powerhouse performance by Jessica Chastain.

The one still playing in local theatres is the quirky heart-warming romcom SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. It really works because of great acting from Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in a love story that appeals to both sides of the gender gap. (All four of those movies are MUST SEE.)
The other five are solid SHOULD SEE’s for a wide range of tastes.  If you like a good musical, LES MISERABLES breaks ground with a surprising group of singing stars.  LIFE OF PI and BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN both take you on harrowing mystical adventures through the worst nature can throw at you. DJANGO UNCHAINED is pure Tarantino—wild humor and over the top violence.  AMOUR is the toughest sit—brilliant but in French and very painful as you watch a loving couple face the end of life.  All of these will be out on blu-ray or Netflix soon.
It was a great movie year and a strong list.  I might have substituted SKYFALL or PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER for a couple of them but the Academy didn’t ask me.  Here’s hoping that what we see in 2013 will yield such a strong crop with not that many DON’T SEE’s.

THE “ICT” with Daniel Pewewardy

Posted: 5:38pm 2/26/2013
If I took anything away from the 8:00 am French Contemporary Philosophy class outside of the elective I needed to graduate, it would have to be Guy Debord’s concept of The Dérive.  Debord described The Dérive as "a mode of experimental behavior linked to the conditions of urban society: a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances.” 

Essentially Debord felt that individuals could journey through a city without maps, but based off their own intuition and by doing this they could create their own urban experience. Debord was talking about Paris, but I feel that a Dérive can happen anywhere, even in the center of Kansas. 

Wichita is one city as well as it is 400,000 cities.  Everyone in this city has their own version of the Air Capital. People create their own derives. Whether you are from the East Side or the West Side, the North End or South Side, your Wichita is an experience that is unique and completely different from the experience of anyone else.   I think this is what makes our city so great. 

My goal over the last few years has been to experience this city in the broadest way possible. I find just as much enjoyment in the Nomar Market as I do in New Market Square. So like an idiot I have gone out and shared my experiences with friends, hoping to find more converts to my broadened vision of our beloved burg. Sadly, the more I talked to people and shared my experiences with them it becomes evident that a lot of my friends were unaware of the city I knew. 

They didn’t know that Wichita extended way past 21st Street and were unaware of bastions of commerce such as the Village Flea Market (the best record, comic book, DVD, pro wrestling t-shirt store in town) or Plaza Del Mexico (Wichita’s number one stop for pointy boots). With this column I will explore Wichita and get down to the cream filled center of this great city and hopefully I can encourage you to break from your comfort zone and explore a brave new Wichita.

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